Some Countries receiving UIDs faster for Global Talent Visa

A recently released FOI by the Dept of Home Affairs has the average waiting days on a EOI for the Global Talent Visa by country of origin of the Candidate. We’ve put together an interactive map which presents this information easily and…Read more
global talent visa changes

Major Changes to Global Talent Visa Eligibility and Department Queries

There have been many changes to the Global Talent Visa since we updated the blog the last time. As always, the rate of processing has remained the same with a huge backlog of applications still waiting in review by the…Read more
global talent processing rate

Global Talent processing rate running at 17 per day in October

A recently released FOI request looked at the Global talent processing rate for Expression of Interests for the Global Talent Visa. The response covered a period between October 1 – October 21, 2020. It sheds light on the number of…Read more
Increasing Wait Times for GTI Expression of Interest

Increasing Waiting Period for GTI Expression of Interest

Increasing waiting periods are affecting the Expression of Interest stage of the Global Talent Independent program. A recently released FOI by the DOHA sheds light on the increasing waiting periods for the Global Talent UIDs. They provide a Global Talent…Read more
expression of interest statistics

Expression of Interest Numbers for GTI for 2020-21

A recent FOI (Freedom of Information) request revealed the Expression of Interest numbers for the Global Talent Independent program for 2020-21 from the launch of the program (4 November 2020) till 4 August 2020. There have been 7444 Expression of…Read more
global talent intake tripled

Global Talent Intake Tripled to 15,000 for 2020-21

The Australian Government has tripled the number of spots for the Global Talent Independent Program to 15,000 for 2020-21. As part of its recovery budget for the economy battered by the Coronavirus crisis, the planned ceiling for total immigration into…Read more
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