The Global Talent Independent Visa programme is an Australian government program launched in November 2019. It aims to attract highly skilled migrants to live and work in Australia. It then offers them a fast tracked Permanent residence option.

Why write this blog?

I moved to Australia for work in 2018, received the GTI Visa (Subclass 858) in May 2020. I work in Technology within the Insurtech sector in Sydney.

I’ve also started a company, mentored startups, and taught students globally. I did my Bachelors in Engineering back in 2012 from.

Hope this blog helps other talented individuals from everywhere around the world to come live and work in Australia. I will post about the GTI Process and share experiences of others who have gone through the process.

How to use this website?

There are multiple ways to engage with the content on the website based on how you want to engage with the program.

If you’re a prospective talent looking to engage with the GTI Process, I suggest you start at the Global Talent Eligibility Calculator, and move onto Submitting an Expression of Interest to express interest for the Global Talent Independent Visa program.

If you’re looking to get a Lawyer’s help for the program, speak to Ruobing from Ashton Legal. He’s helped many people get a Global Talent Independent Visa grant. They will help you prepare your documents for Expression of Interest to submitting your visa application.

If this is the first time you have heard about this visa. Start by reading about and understanding the visa program. You can find also statistics for the program from a crowd-funded Survey of GTI candidates or the Migration statistics for the program from 2019 to 2020 to understand the distribution of grants within the program.

Browse through the posts in blog categories if you’d like to understand the process. Or understand the Government’s vision behind the Global Talent Independent Program.

Contact me if you’d like to get in touch.

DISCLAIMER: This information is subject to change. The information in this publication is general only. It should not be used as legal advice. I’m not an immigration agent and this is not immigration advice.


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