Revealing the Candidate Profiles for the GTI Visa

Revealing the Candidate Profiles for the GTI Visa

In this post, we will look at the Candidate profiles who have received the Global Talent Visas. We have collected these profiles from speaking to recipients on the web – we have scrubbed their information to respect their privacy.

PhD Candidate Profiles

  • G8 University Assistant Professor
  • Over 20 publications in Q1 journals
  • Several national and international conference talks
  • International awards recipient
  • Patent authors

  • Neuroscience PhD with human stem cell biology specialization
  • Multiple publications and book author
  • Onshore at a Research Institute in Australia
  • Doesn’t meet the Salary threshold

  • PhD in Microbiology with Probiotics Specialization
  • Received several awards
  • Multiple publications to various journals
  • Onshore as Probiotic Consultant

  • Life science PhD With a Commonwealth Scholarship
  • 15+ Publications in International Journals
  • Recently submitted PhD Thesis
  • Onshore in Australia
  • Doesn’t meet the Salary threshold

Non PhD Candidate Profiles

  • Software engineer with 10+ years of experience, Cloud computing and machine learning specialization with a focus on FinTech industry
  • Australian Masters in Computer Science
  • Onshore Developer at a Software Company
  • Meets the Salary threshold

  • Data Science Professional at several multinational companies
  • Working onshore as a Data Scientist
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Meets the Salary threshold

Here, we have looked at the profiles of several candidates who have received the Invite. A common theme is most of the applicants for this Visa are PhDs and Academicians, ICT and Data Science Professionals and Medtech executives. If you think your profile is like the ones above, encourage you to read our Expression of Interest post. We also have interviews from several recepients here. There’s also almost always updated self-report and crowd sourced survey of individuals applying present on our website.

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