✅ Submitting a Strong Expression of Interest for the Global Talent Independent Visa

✅ Submitting a Strong Expression of Interest for the Global Talent Independent Visa

You can submit an expression of interest for the Global Talent Independent program if you think you can satisfy all the requirements. The contact form refers your application to Global talent officers based around the world. They will then assess your application and let you know the outcome of your expression of interest in around 2-4 weeks.

The Expression of interest form is free. In this way, the department is encouraging deserving candidates to apply for this program. This is in stark difference to the traditional 189/190 visa applications where the candidate has spent $1000+ just for submitting an expression of interest.

If you are planning to make an application soon, get a Global Talent Consultation to get professional help on achieving the Global Talent Visa. You can also check your likelihood of a UID using the eligibility calculator.

Filling the Form

Make sure you select the first option while submitting your Expression of Interest. Options 2 and 3 have moved to Immiaccount (more on that later).

The rest of the information in the first section of the form is Personal information. You will also need to have a scanned copy of your passport.

Evidence of Global Talent

This is the most important part of your application. You need to have an up-to date resume before you can fill this out.

We will go through the parts of the form one by one.

  • Industry/Sector – It falls under one of the seven sectors identified by the Australian government. You should have contributed to this field through your career.
  • Occupation – Current occupation
  • Current Annual Salary
  • PhD or Masters – Simple Yes or No
  • Qualifications – Highest achieved qualification
  • Nominator – You need to have an Australian nominator for this program. It’s easier to achieve if you work for a multinational organization with a presence in Australia, interact with prominent Australians in your fields who’d be willing to nominate you.
  • Details of Achievements – Submit a brief paragraph in 300-750 characters outlining prominence in your selected sector. Use an overview for your achievements and how you’ve contributed to the field. You can go into specifics using evidence documents.
  • Attachment Evidence Documents – Start with your CV/Resume and upload all the supporting documents which will help your case. Submit any media features, publications, academic degrees and achievements, recommendation letters here.

Completing the Form

This is all the information the department needs from you to assess the application. Think of it like applying for College admission. You need to sell yourself to the Department by enlisting all of your achievements.

After Submission

The department usually takes 1-4 weeks to assess your EOI. There can be three outcomes:

  1. Your application delights the Talent officer, and you receive a unique identifier
  2. The officer emails asking for more information about your achievements. These can include recommendation letters, proof of pay and documents specific to your application. More on this later.
  3. A rejection email if the officer does not think you qualify

Salary Threshold

Read on more about the Salary Threshold for the Global Talent Independent visa.

Get Help with a Global Talent Consultation

If you are looking to apply for the program, get tailored 1:1 advice for your specific case by speaking to Ashton Legal, our exclusive migration partner. They can help you lodge your EOI, find an Australian nominator, and lodge your visa application. They are specialized in the Global Talent Independent Program and have achieved successful outcomes for many clients.

This document does not constitute legal advice. Please consult an immigration professional for up to date information.


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