Complete Global Talent Interview: Amit

Complete Global Talent Interview: Amit

Today, we are interviewing Mr. Amit. He received the Global Talent Independent Visa in March 2020. Amit works in Cyber Security and was Onshore in Australia on a 482TSS Visa.

I did not know about the GTI initiative until I received an email notification from Home affairs in late Dec’19 mentioning the launch of this program. After carefully reviewing the requirements, I started looking for more information about the program, but unfortunately, there was no public information other than the GTI website.

Despite the limited information, I applied and started merging the documents/pieces of evidence. I did my best to prepare these documents and to make it easier for GTO to review the information and submit my EOI in the last week of Jan’20. After the submission, the wait started, and it took approx. 10 calendar days to receive the unique talent identifier.

After that, I submitted my PR application around mid of Feb. I was also asked to provide additional information on my achievements and nominator’s experience/achievement etc. which I responded quickly in two days. The request for information and response added a week in whole processing. Finally, I got the grant (VISA subclass 858) in March’20. In-summary, it took ~30 days to get the grant after making the payment for the application.
I work in Cyber Security and have nineteen years of professional experience. I have worked with various reputed international organizations. I have held technical leadership positions and travelled across the world to provide consultancy for strengthening the cybersecurity of multiple organizations across various sectors, including banking, telecom, enterprise and government organizations.

I have acclaimed various reputable professional certifications such as CISSP, PMP and many more.  I had arrived in Australia on a TSS482 visa and have been earning above the Fair Work high-income threshold.
I would like to highlight some vital points
1. The process is simple and straight-forward, follow what they mention in the GTI website.
2. Keep your documents well-structured and straight-forward so it’s easier for GTO to review.
3. Don’t miss mentioning any of your achievements; let GTO be the right person to assess the relevance.
4. Claim nothing in Expression of Interest which you can’t prove later or backup with official documentation

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