Global Talent Migration Report – Analyzing the 2019-20 program

Global Talent Migration Report – Analyzing the 2019-20 program

We now have the Global Talent Migration Report for the 2019-2020 program. The Department of Home Affairs has released a detailed report for all the Immigration streams the 2019-20 period. The total permanent migration into Australia was 140,336 well below the estimated migration target of 160,000 annually. Out of these, The Global Talent Independent program accounted for 4109 (4.3% of total immigration) permanent migrants out of the 5000 with 2448 applications on hand on 30 June 2020. These numbers also include the family members of the primary applicants. We can estimate they granted about 2500 UIDs to Primary applicants.

Outcome by Applicant Location – Global Talent Migration Report

3,344 or 81% of the Grants were for Onshore Candidates, whereas 765 or 19% went to Offshore candidates. The program is becoming the preferred program for a lot of PhDs for Permanent migration into Australia. However, the downside looks like the Government can’t find enough interested candidates outside Australia, which is a pillar for the program. The GTI Program shouldn’t just replace the 186 Direct Entry program but make Australia an attractive destination for Highly skilled immigrants going to the US or Europe.

Outcome by Applicant Streams – Global Talent Migration Report

ICT has had the highest number of Grants (About 1100), followed by Medtech (1050) and Mining Technology. ICT is a red-hot Industry globally, and there just isn’t enough ICT talent to go around. It’s not surprising to see it being the most popular sector followed by Medtech.

Fintech and Cyber Security programs don’t have enough grants to be meaningful numbers at this point. The Department should look towards attracting more candidates from these sectors if the program moves ahead.

Global Talent Program Outcome – Global Talent Migration Report

The outcome for the program stands at 99.5% which is very high compared to other Visa streams for Permanent Immigration into Australia. Although the data on the Number of Expression of Interests lodged isn’t available. A Successful UID from the Department has almost always had a favorable outcome for these candidates. Coupled with the low processing times on this visa, this is a very attractive Migration stream for interested candidates looking to move to Australia.

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