Understanding the Global Talent Salary Threshold

Understanding the Global Talent Salary Threshold

The Global Talent Salary Threshold is at A$153,600. The candidate should be able to attract a minimum salary of $153,600 once employed within Australia. This should not be a problem for most Global Talent Independent candidates working in one of the Targeted sectors.

What is the Fair Work Income Threshold?

The Government uses the Fair Work Income Threshold to decide whether a candidate can pursue an unfair dismissal application against an Employer. This wage threshold is used to identify high calibre candidates for the Global Talent Visa. The Candidates should have the ability to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work high income threshold, which is AUD153,600.

In assessing whether a candidate is likely to can meet this salary threshold, the Department will consider:

  • current salary evidenced through payslips or a contract
  • future job offers outlining remuneration
  • recent PhD or Masters graduates in the target sectors

What are Earnings?

Under the definition of FWIT, Earnings can include:

  • wages
  • such other amounts (if any) worked out in accordance with the Regulations
  • amounts dealt with on the employee’s behalf or as the employee directs, and
  • the agreed money value of non-monetary benefits.

Earnings do not include:

  • payments the amount of which cannot be determined in advance such as:
    • commissions
    • incentive-based payments and bonuses, or
    • overtime (except guaranteed overtime);[4]
  • reimbursements (such as per diem payments),[5] and
  • compulsory contributions to a superannuation fund (superannuation guarantee).

This states that the 9.5% compulsory Superannuation are not considered in the earnings for the candidate.

Providing Proof of Salary

So what does this mean for you? Nothing much if you are already in Australia and making that wage, it should be as easy as attaching your last payslips while submitting your Expression of Interest.

If your salary is less than $150k

I have read about experiences of people who have scored this visa at atleast A$100K salaries. How does this happen? Well, a lot of PhDs, Researchers and Academics don’t earn that amount right out of University. With that experience, it’s only a matter of time before you are making these wages.

It will boil down to your overall profile, how well you’ve been able to prove your capabilities to the Global talent officer. The Salary threshold serves as an indicator of how well you’d be able to do once you arrive to live and work in Australia.

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