Major Changes to Global Talent Visa Eligibility and Department Queries

Major Changes to Global Talent Visa Eligibility and Department Queries

There have been many changes to the Global Talent Visa since we updated the blog the last time. As always, the rate of processing has remained the same with a huge backlog of applications still waiting in review by the department. The program is also generating significant interest, and it is more competitive than anytime in the past.

Global Talent Processing Times

A recent update on the Global Talent query email mentions the Department is processing EOIs from June 2020 and onwards (updated 21 January 2021). The department will no longer reply to EOI Submission, EOI prioritization, and pre-assessment inquiries. There’s no use sending them these queries and just wait if you’ve submitted an EOI after June 2020. They should get around to it in due time.

Ineligibility for Masters Students

In another change to the program, perhaps to reduce the backlog in the system and based on some internal data analysis by the Department – students with a Masters aren’t eligible for the program solely based on their qualifications. If you are a Master’s student with industry experience and salary above the FWHIT – you can still apply for the visa. However, only being a Master’s student is no longer enough.

Global Talent Consultation for Interested Candidates

If you’re looking to apply for the visa, we encourage you to book a consultation with Ashton Legal. They are a specialized legal firm with expertise in the Global Talent and Investor visas for high-calibre candidates. What I like about them is they never take you on, if they don’t think your eligible.


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