Preparing Form 1000 for the Global Talent Visa Application

Preparing Form 1000 for the Global Talent Visa Application

You need to prepare and submit the Form 1000 with your Visa application after you’ve received your UID. To be eligible for the Global Talent Visa, submit an Expression of Interest for the program.

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What is Form 1000?

It is is the Nomination for Distinguished Talent application while applying for a Subclass 858 Visa. The candidate must be nominated by:

1. An Australian/NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident, Australian Organization
2. National Repute in the same field as the Candidate
3. Australian Computer Society

It is very important to the Department for the Nominator to be in the same field as the Candidate. The department might ask for more documents (newspaper/magazine articles, supporting comments from qualified persons) to establish the Prominence of the Nominator in case of individual nominators.

How to fill the form?

You can download the form and edit it in a PDF Editor. One can also provide any additional relevant information to any question on a separate attached sheet which is signed and dated. The contents of the form should describe:

1. How the nominee in their profession, the arts, sport, or research and academia has an internationally recognised record of exceptional achievement
2. Is still prominent; and
3. would be an asset to the Australian community

Changing or Withdrawing the Form 1000 Nomination

If you’d like to change or withdraw your nomination after submitting to the department, one needs to contact the Adelaide Business Skills Processing Centre where you lodged the form.

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