What is Australia’s Global Business and Talent Attraction Task-force?

What is Australia’s Global Business and Talent Attraction Task-force?

In a recent announcement, the Govt of Australia have introduced a new Global Business and Talent Attraction Task force. To find a way out of the economic aftermath of the Pandemic, this new program aims to attract Global Businesses and Talent, which will create more jobs in Australia. The Government is targeting this program towards existing businesses and exceptional individuals.

Targeted Businesses for the Global Business and Talent Attraction

They will base the Global Business and Talent Attraction task force in the Department of Home Affairs and will work Australian Trade Department (Austrade) to target large businesses and invite them to set up base in Australia. The task force is being led by Property Council of Australia boss Peter Verwer.

Companies and individuals who qualify will have access to:

  • streamlined pathways to permanent residency
  • bespoke advice on how and where to relocate
  • industry-specific contacts and support to help you find the right location and networks
  • end-to-end service with a single point of contact.

The Government will provide a one stop point of contact ensuring that these Businesses get locations, incentives and easy access to Talent within Australia through existing programs like the Global Talent Independent program.

Moving Businesses from Hong Kong to Australia

Several businesses from Hong Kong are looking to move, and this will be an attractive prospect to come to Australia. The Government is particularly interested in Fintech, Advanced Manufacturing and Health sectors.

Showing Interest in the Program

Interested businesses can reach out to know more details of the program by filling in the Expression of Interest form here.

What does it mean for the Global Talent Independent Program?

The government will look to scale up the GTI Program as a part of this initiative. They want Businesses to easily find the right talent in Australia. As the economy recovers amidst Australia’s success in controlling the pandemic, the Government hopes that talented individuals from the US, UK and Hong Kong will find their way into Australia to contribute towards the economy. This visa will become even more attractive for entrepreneurs who are looking to move to Australia.

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