We have been getting help from candidates who’ve applied for the Global Talent Independent Visa. These results are from the Global Talent Survey. Thanks to BayleafGTI for collecting this information.
If you’ve been through the process or going through the process yourself, we encourage you to take part in the Global Talent Independent Visa survey.

Check your eligibility for the Visa here. Learn how to lodge an Expression of Interest. The Government has released the numbers for 2019-20 program. That’s a more accurate representation of the program as it was in 2019-20.

Insights on Grants

  • Average Time for receiving UID has decreased to 22 days
  • Most grants have been in the ICT Sector, followed by Medtech
  • Fintech seems to be the most underutilized sector
  • Candidates with only a Bachelor’s degree only have Onshore grants if their Salary is above $150k
  • All Offshore graduates have reported Salaries greater than A$100K for Non-PhD Candidates

The data for this survey is available here. We will keep updating the charts as we get more results.

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