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You can now get a Personalized Consultation for Expression of Interest, Finding an Australian Nominator and lodging a Visa to apply for the Global Talent Independent program.

Ashton Legal’s role is ‘assume’ the role of a case officer and ask the questions that a delegate would ask. In this way, they can ‘extract’ as much relevant information as we can from you and put them in a format which will logically present your case and assist the case officer to arrive at a decision to issue a Unique Identifier for you.

They are a Sydney based Law Firm specializing in the Global Talent Independent program and have helped multiple candidates with their grants. They will provide tailored advice to your specific needs, and can even help you lodge an Expression of Interest.

What you’ll get in the Global Talent Consultation?

  • Tailored 1:1 Personalized Review for the GTI Program Eligibility
  • Advice on preparing Letter of Recommendations, Resume Samples and Form 1000
  • Questions on Salary Threshold
  • Personalized Advice for PhD and Masters Students
  • Finding an Australian Nominator
  • Information on Application Wait times
  • Steps to lodge your Visa application

Book a 1:1 Chat Online Now

Click the link to book an appointment to jump start your application for the Global Talent Independent process. This will take you to Calendly, where you can schedule an Online video-call appointment with Ashton Legal on a date and time convenient for you. Ruobing was recently featured on ITNews sharing his expertise on the Global Talent Visa.


Case Studies and Successful Grants

Documents needed when Expressing Interest on the Global Talent Contact Form

  • Letter of Recommendations from Professors, PhD Supervisors, Company Directors or Managers
  • Proof of Achievements – Speaker at Conferences, Research Papers Published, Media features, Project details
  • Copy of your latest Formatted Resume

The consultation will enable you to present these documents to make your case. They will also help you understand the process and get tailored advice for your own specific needs. They can also lodge your Expression of Interest and finally submit the Visa application on receiving a UID for the program.

Check your eligibility using our calculator – and use the consultation to get personalized advice. This can help really simplify the process for the program and maximize your chance for eligibility.


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