Top Tech Companies That Sponsor the Global Talent Visa in Australia

Top Tech Companies That Sponsor the Global Talent Visa in Australia

If you are a highly skilled tech professional looking for a fast-track to permanent residency in Australia, you might be interested in the Global Talent Visa program. This program aims to attract the best and brightest tech talent from across the world to work in 10 “future-focused” sectors, including digitech, fintech, medtech, agtech, and space.

But how do you find a sponsor for this visa? You need to have a nominator who has a national reputation in the same field as you and can vouch for your skills and achievements. This can be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, eligible New Zealand citizen, or an Australian organisation.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, more than 500 companies and organisations have nominated migrants under this program between November 2019 and June 2021. Here are some of the top tech companies that sponsor the Global Talent Visa in Australia, based on the number of visa lodgements:

  • Australian Computer Society (ACS): The ACS is an IT industry body that offers a “candidate nomination service for a fee”, where it validates the qualifications, skills and experience of applicants to the scheme. It is the top nominating organisation with 87 visa lodgements over two years.
  • Monash University and University of NSW: These are two of Australia’s leading universities that have used the program to recruit world-leading academics, predominately into research roles in the STEM disciplines. They have 61 and 53 visa lodgements, respectively.
  • Rio TintoSouth32Woodside, and BHP: These are some of the major mining and energy companies that have sponsored tech talent in the energy and mining technology sector. They have 18, 15, 7, and 6 visa lodgements, respectively.
  • CSIROMicrosoftGoogleNABAustradeDeloitte, and Fintech Australia: These are some of the other prominent organisations that have nominated tech talent in various sectors, such as digitech, fintech, cybersecurity, and space. They have between 10 and 7 visa lodgements each.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for tech professionals to find a sponsor for the Global Talent Visa in Australia. If you are interested in applying for this visa, you need to submit an expression of interest (EOI) online and demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria. You also need to have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in your field.

The Global Talent Visa program is a great way to secure your future in Australia and contribute to its innovation and economic growth. If you have what it takes to be part of this program, don’t hesitate to apply today!

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